Original and timeless fabrics


Throws Luxury Made in Italy

Born from the aesthetic vision of the founder Riccardo Bruni, our Handcrafted Throws are created with passion, using only top quality yarns.
Throws in pure Cashmere, Virgin Wool, Silk, Linen Twill and Mohair. Only refined natural fabrics skilfully woven to create Made in Italy Luxury Throws that tell ancient stories made of travels and memories.
What distinguishes us is Craftsmanship along with Constant research. These are what allow us to  create living, unique, and timeless fabrics, where tradition, research and passion intertwine.
The House of Lyria Luxury Throws are inspired by a color palette that never ceases to amaze: natural, soft, delicate tones, created from organic sources such as coffee, tea or ash.

Linen Throws, the Discreet Charm of Luxury

The journey of each Lyria fabric begins with the careful research of the best materials, unique and precious and of the highest quality. Among these, we favor natural fibers such as wool, linen and cotton.
New combinations are born from this research. Here tradition merges with innovative techniques to give the fabrics timeless textures.
From this vision the exclusive Throws in Linen are born. Soft, light, very pleasant to the touch and able to furnish any environment with refined elegance.
Linen Twill Throws in natural and bright colours, ideal for giving personality to the bedroom as well as for enriching sofas and living rooms with notes of comfort and design.

Throws in Cashmere, Mohair and Alpaca: Luxury Warm and Enveloping Throws

The House of Lyria handcrafts Throws of exclusive beauty, selecting the best raw materials to create fine fabrics of the highest quality.
From the precious Cashmere to the exclusive Mohair, a textile fiber with characteristics similar to silk obtained from the hair of the Angora goat.
The Cashmere, Mohair and Alpaca Throws by The House of Lyria are light, warm and enveloping: a touch of comfort and elegance in any environment.

Throws 100% Virgin Wool

Our Throws in 100% Virgin Wool are made with pure new wool, therefore 100% natural. We only use the best carefully selected raw materials, which meet high quality standards and enriches each garment.
From this careful selection work, 100% Virgin Wool Throws are born with wool coming exclusively from fleece shearing without other chemical or industrial processes.
Plaid in cui avvolgersi come in un caldo abbraccio, dentro cui cui scivolare dentro e sentirsi bene.
Throws to wrap yourself in like a warm embrace, to slip inside and relax.

Design Throws 

Furnishing a home means thinking about every detail, including the littlest daily comforts. Taking care of each environment means looking for beauty in every corner, enhancing harmony and creating a new and personal space.
In its inspired Designs The House of Lyria seeks the harmony of the simple, imperfect and natural things, such as the sinuous curve of a stone or the pattern of time on a rock face.
From this vision, unique and refined Design Throws are born, with a genuine and artisanal touch that allow the fabric to reveal its soul to us.

Made in Italy Throws: When Beauty is Handmade

Wrapping yourself in a warm Made in Italy throw is a unique experience, enriched by fabrics crafted with mastery and excellent quality.
Maximum comfort, durability and a wise and inspired search for beauty: all this is enclosed in a Made in Italy Throw.
In the weave of the fabric lives all the know-how of expert craftsmen, who elevate the trade to an unparalleled artistic practice. Rigid selection of raw materials, continuous research and innovation transform the textile industry into a field of experimentation in which to create timeless creations, such as exclusive throws of refined beauty.